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Main Street Clinic Location Closes

Effective July 1, 2016: We will no longer be offering services at our Main Street location.Dr. Schlosser plans to take the summer off and resume offering acupuncture services this fall. Exact locations and hours are still to be determined. More info to come.

Medical Acupuncure: Following a new, well trodden path to health

An Oakleaf Medical Network Publication

People across the world , and across generations, have long sought ways to live more healthfully and ultimately evade the  ravages of disease.

Beyond the rigorously scientific nature of medical acupuncture, lies a equally powerful metaphysical/spiritual part which simultaneously acts to help maintain and promote personal health.

But how does it do this? How does it work?  The short answer to this is by balancing/unblocking the flow of essential elements through the meridian system–akin  to the neurologic or vascular system, through which flows essential elements such as Qi  (body energy).

Is this just  double talk? Confusing , purposeless nomenclature? In creating a reasoned response  to this question, one must first define some terms to be used in that discussion.

Acupuncture, as described by the National  institutes of Health (NIH), describes a practice where several slender needles are inserted into well defined  points to effect a desired response.

The term medical acupuncture refers to a more recent blending of modern bioscience with  traditional acupuncture theory. Furthermore, the fact that medical acupuncture is defined as that being rendered by physicians, yields additional benefits for the patient:  the breadth of knowledge of the physician acupuncturist has already been measured by state and federal licensing boards, and continues to be monitored in an ongoing fashion by state laws.

Implicit in this is that quality control is already in place;  safety and open mindedness first learned in medical school is enhanced with this further education (the learning of acupuncture).

As to  my earier question, of double talk, I would contend that so much that is unfamiliar to us predictably breeds pessimism, skepticism, and ultimately, if not rejection then, very slow acceptance.

The possible aversion to change maybe what has slowed the use of acupuncture in this country; however, this is not the case worldwide we’re acupuncture has long been used and appreciated. As many of you are aware, acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and, as such, is time-tested. It has proven to be uncommonly safe, therapeutic, And extraordinarily flexible in addressing the vast spectrum of the symptoms the people commonly present with.

People commonly pause at this point and say to themselves "OK, enough – can it help me?"

Yes, and offten dramatically so!

By improving the quality of your life.   –with symptom improvement.  less pain, -more fluidity.of thought or movement, (this latter may magnifiest as, by example, with relief of arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome or anxiety/depression),  is but one way  in which it works. By tonifying (strengthening) organs and organ functioning is the other critical aspect of how it functions.

6Health may be measured by  words like ‘better, and not cure.’  Maybe  back pain is connected to not just spinal stenosis or obesity, but also to frustration and melancholy.

Maybe there is truth to he assertion that we are the subtotal of many highly complex,interwoven  processes;  think spider web (undeniably effective, but fragile –to us )

LIFE isn’t simple!

Perhaps happiness may be achived by being able to  see your grandson pitch a high school baseball game or hosting a graduation party or being able to go shopping once again.

Achievement of each of these examples demand so much biochemical and psychologic health so as to make  the initial question seem silly.

This possible aversion to change may be what has slowed the use of acupuncture in this country.

Such is the case with the USA experience with acupuncture,but this is not the case worldwide where acupuncture has long been used and appreciated.

lAcupuncture, as many of you are aware, has been around for thousands of years. as such, it is time tested,–  proving to be uncommonly  safe , therapeutic, and extraordinarily flexible in addressing  a vast spectrum of symptoms.

Historically, it began in ancient China and then evolved as it spread throughout the rest of the world––Korea, Japan, through Mongolia to the steppes of Russia, the Ottoman Empire and eventually to modern day western Europe where it has been embraced in France, Germany England ,by example, as just another ‘ tool in’ the physician’s black bag.

It made to jump across the Atlantic famously during Pres. Richard Nixon’s time of opening up relations with China––at first, via ping-pong. It is now gaining on appreciation and credibility in the US as a nonpharmaceutical,   form of energy medicine. By that I mean that it depends on harnessing and directing the bodies own internal, natural capacity to heal .–as opposed to relying overly on external forces like drugs.

The beauty of the last statement is that it can, largely, do no harm but only help or have no effect. There is little downside to its use.

Mechanistically, one tries to even out the flow of Chi (qi ) through the bodies meridians which flow from top to bottom and inside to outside. The lack of unimpeded free flow throughout the system is then what gives rise to various symptoms of disharmony o r’pain’.

Where medical acupuncture then branches beyond classical acupuncture only might be seen in how important flow to the central nervous system, by example, might aggravate a predilection towards infertility or parkinsonism or Alzheimer’s.  One might by example, use a electrical device to functionally help with shoulder bursitis or back pain.

Regarding applicability of medical act puncture, it is useful and has been used in everything from gastrointestinal disease to cancer; from fibromyalgia to shingles; from depression to phantom limb pain. Commonly, it is used to help improve asthma , COPD symptoms, heart failure,kidney and prostate.

Importantly, I believe that it should be thought of as another input to be used in conjunction, usually, with other treatment–simultaneously.   It marries well with Western medicine, chiropractic ,oncology, and neurology.

For me, having lived in both worlds of medical intervention,  I believe it represents a win-win situation.

It is not an issue of which modality is better–us or them.  Rank order is irrelevant.  They ” marry’ well and often to ether find that this synergistic relationship is what maximizes healing for the patient.

Medical acupuncture, being defined as being provided by medical physicians offers some additional benefits: The breadth of knowledge of the physician  acupuncturist has already been measured by state and federal licensing boards;  implicit in this is medical insurance eligibility.

Review  and overview are built in.

Safety and ‘open-mindedness’  first learned in medical school is honed with this further education

For me, deciding to pursue medical acupuncture, as both a patient and medical doctor  was easy.  For you, it ought to be an  equally obvious way to proceed.

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