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Eau Claire Acupuncture Clinic

Two Rivers Clinic is the only clinic in the Eau Claire area offering medical acupuncture performed by an MD with more than 15 years as a Board Certified Medical Acupuncturist.

Choose Two Rivers Clinic for your acupuncture treatments and benefit from:

  • Ample time to discuss your concerns with the acupuncture process
  • Acupuncture services performed by a board certified medical doctor with
    formal training and over 15 years of acupuncture experience
  • Integrative medical care, which means we factor in your lifestyle,
    spiritual well-being, and physical self
  • Acupuncture by a preferred acupuncturist for the Oak Leaf Medical Network
Taking a comprehensive approach to acupuncture to provide you with integrative medical care

Dr. Paul Schlosser's comprehensive approach developed from a classical medical education at Cornell University and extensive acupuncture training with Dr. Joseph Helms at UCLA and a fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona.

After 25 years as a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Schlosser was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As his condition progressed, he began researching alternative treatments and found immense relief from acupuncture. He was forever changed. After years of extensive research and formal training, he altered his career path and opened Two Rivers Clinic.

OakLeaf Medical Network

American Academy of Medical Acupuncture

"Like anyone with a similar diagnosis, which is powerfully humbling, I searched for more of an answer for myself and my family. The results of my acupuncture treatments were incredible. I felt obliged to share this hidden treasure with others. In the course of my disease, I have seen and understood frustration, loss, and fear – from a patient’s perspective. I have also seen and felt the rejuvenation and hope that comes, sometimes only transiently, with acupuncture. So, you see, I wear two hats – that of physician and patient as well as practitioner of both western and eastern healing paradigms."

Two Rivers Clinic - Welcome AreaDr. Schlosser is the only MD practicing acupuncture in
Eau Claire and the preferred acupuncturist for the Oak Leaf Medical Network.

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