Welcome to Two Rivers Clinic

The primary goal of Two Rivers Clinic is to provide another avenue by which to promote health, safely and effectively, by providing an integrative approach to health maintenance — blending and providing the best of many , varied disciplines. Promoting the quality of life  is  of paramount importance.

Recognizing that there exists a complicated web of interconnectedness in each of our lives– involving all aspects of human physiology , physics and even Beethoven — gives a starting point on  this difficult  journey of optimizing  that  long sought  quality of life .

We opened our doors in 1998;  evolving since then so to adapt to the changing needs of our patients

Offered at Two Rivers  Clinic  is  the complete range of western medicine that I have become familiar with via a classical medical education at Cornell and exposure to people like Andrew Weil,MD and his integrative medicine program at the University of Arizona .

Different paradigms of health care have been shown to me by  Joseph Helms, MD ( UCLA ) and his  ground-breaking work in medical acupuncture .

An openness to the potential benefits of so many varied approaches–from reiki/ guided imagery/ healing touch ( by example ) to cardio-pulnonary , kidney, fibromyalgia/gynecologic  oncology permeates the mindset of   the consultation and, thereby, care proposed or  made available at Two Rivers Clinic.

We care for patients of all ages and gender.

We submit claims for insurance consideration or offer ‘ cash ‘  only deals.

My personal history of multiple sclerosis gives me a patient perspective;    over 25 years of giving OB/GYN care allows me to offer care from a physician perspective.

The  western biomedical approach to illness is but one of many possibilities.  No body has all of the answers.  Acupunture  , though not a panacea, provides help in many instances which had seemed beyond approach.

Initially, the clinic also offered  healing touch, myofascial release massage, and yoga.  Although well received, the various care givers have since created their own workplaces.

Being part of the Oakleaf clinic system, I pursue my own expertise (s), but offer refer all as appropriate.

I invite you to responsibly ’think outside the box’ and maximize your own potential.

Paul Schlosser,  MD, DABMA


Two Rivers Clinic was opened in 1998 to provide and integrate various treatment modalities – with the ultimate goal being to maximize personal health.

We began by offering acupuncture, traditional ambulatory woman’s health care, herbal consultation, yoga, massage /myofascial release therapy, and “healing touch” therapy .

Two Rivers Clinic - Welcome Area

Largely because of the physical limitations of our office space, that pioneering group opted to practice their various disciplines separately. However, the openness to the potential benefits of those various disciplines still permeates our clinic. We embrace many ways of providing care – from the more traditional ways of “western” biomedicine to the less familiar, but often times, more useful ways of complementary or alternative medicine.

Currently, Two Rivers Clinic offers complete, ambulatory women’s health care and medical acupuncture for men and women – of all ages. As I draw from a wide range of experience, I am also adept at offering/recommending other consultations, which might prove to be the most useful help in a given situation.

A reasonable question quickly comes to mind. One might wonder why I was drawn to an entirely different model of health care than the one in which I was trained. As a physician, how can I “square” these new concepts with the proven ways of western biomedicine? The answer is that I have had personal experience with all that I will talk about in the following text.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about a decade ago and was offered only limited “immune” treatment as all that was possible. Like anyone with a similar diagnosis, which is powerfully humbling, I searched for more of an answer for myself and my family. This is when I stumbled onto acupuncture. I haven’t looked back since! For me, the results were incredibly good, though not curative. I thus felt obliged to share this hidden treasure with others. In the course of my disease, I have seen and understood frustration, loss and fear – from a patient’s perspective. I have also seen and felt the rejuvenation and hope that comes, sometimes only transiently, with acupuncture. So, you see, I wear two hats – that of physician and patient; as well as practitioner of both “western” and “eastern” healing paradigms.

By relying on, and integrating, my own medical experience with the diverse world of medical acupuncture, our clinic provides a bridge between these two worlds – western biomedicine & acupuncture. At Two Rivers Clinic, I safely offer the best that each has to give, while not limiting you – the patient – unnecessarily.

After having worked for years – in the mid-west and east coast – in typical medical settings, there was never enough time just to talk or for your caregiver to listen and to “hear” what the patient’s concern really was. Two Rivers Clinic offers a remedy for exactly those shortcomings. In a minimally “clinical” setting, we consciously strive to create an environment that is both friendly and conducive to complete healing.

Located in downtown Eau Claire, we are easily accessible by major highway and local routes! The clinic is literally “feet” from where the two major, local rivers converge – metaphorically; it’s one place where East meets West!

Parking is free in the rear of the building! Coffee or tea is free, also!

Medicare and most insurances are accepted, as we are also part of the Oak Leaf Medical network.